Metal Fabrication Services & Welding

Pallet Parts

This pallet of parts is a good example of our CNC fabrication services. CNC plasma-cut plate and pipe components are welded together to make modular handrail posts.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our versatility in work. Our team is highly motivated to uphold the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in every relationship and decision we make, placing our clients at the center of attention. We’ve designed our process, complete with the right fabrication services, to provide our customers with the best possible value.

Our fabrication services are second to none. We are a custom manufacturer of metal goods. DWR designs and delivers exceptional-quality finished products to businesses and individual consumers.

If you are looking for custom fabricated architectural features, handrail, or other fabricated metal products, you may also be interested in Products and Metal Finishes we provide.

Solidworks 3D Design

solidworks portable bar

Solidworks design of a portable bar or service cart.

SolidWorks design and 3D modeling software is the most important step of your project and is the difference between amateur and professional results. Architectural building plans only show in 2D. They usually don’t provide enough detail to efficiently guide the fabricator through all of the steps in the fabrication process. 3D modeling solves this confusion by keeping track of the design right down the smallest detail. Our 3D modeling software is not just for fancy drawings. It is also the core of our CNC cutting and forming operations. It writes the files that tell or machines how to cut and form metal.

CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC Plasma Cutting

We can process your graphics or artwork or cut your dxf file out of metal. We can cut lettering and splines other shops can’t. We can design your part in front of you with SolidWorks 3D modeling software.

At Denver Welding and Research, we plasma cut steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Our new Hypertherm 85A/Dynatorch XLS Plasma Cutting machine is equipped with a rotary axis that allows us to plasma cut pipe and tube. This makes the CNC plasma cutting system extremely versatile. We are able to CNC plasma cut sheet and plate up to 5′ X 12′ as well as pipe and tube as big as 14” in diameter and as long as 12 feet. Some examples of what this machine can produce are custom signs, logos, shapes, as well as cutting down tube.

CNC Forming

12 Foot Press Brake

DenverWeld Piranha 175 ton 12 foot Hydraulic Press Brake

Our in-house capabilities let us deliver exceptional results in less time. Forming not only makes fabrication more efficient, it takes any design to a whole new level.

Our shop is fully equipped with a Piranha Hydra-Mechanical Model 175-12 Press Brake. A press brake is a machine for bending sheet and plate material. It forms predetermined and precise bends that our team develops in SolidWorks. This machine allows us to bend material up to 3/16″ (0.180) inch thick architectural metals in 12 foot lengths. We can bend parts up to 3/4″ (0.750 in.) thick in shorter lengths with proper tooling.

Simple Fabrication & Welding

Simple Fabrication - Blackened steel table base ready for customer pick-up

Example of simple fabrication projects at DenverWeld. Blackened steel table base ready for customer pick-up.

We have the skills and tools for the job whether its steel, stainless, or aluminum. we use MIG, TIG, & Flux Core welding processes.

Our CNC Plasma Cutting System can cut almost any metal part up to 1 inch thick. Part files (DXFs) are created using SolidWorks 3D Design and modeling software (CAD). After parts are cut, they are deburred manually leaving a soft, beautiful finish.

DeverWeld performs simple fabrication and welding services at our 4,000 SF facility in Golden, CO. We weld and fabricate steel, stainless, and aluminum. Our expert fabricators can cut, grind, form, weld, sand, and paint on your existing fabrication project.

Aluminum Welding & Repair

Large aluminum mold for plastic pond being repaired in our Golden, Colorado Facility

Aluminum Welding and Repair – Large Aluminum Mold for plastic pond being repaired in our Golden, Colorado Facility

At DenverWeld we perform aluminum welding and repair on parts and mechanical contraptions consisting of aluminum extrusions, sheet, plate, pipe, and tube as well as cast aluminum alloys. Our welding experts are familiar with the alloy you are working with.

With CNC cutting and forming and all the welding equipment and tools, we can make just about anything out of aluminum. We can fabricate aluminum handrail, large frames and complex parts.

If you need a bid on custom fabricated aluminum architectural features, such as handrail or other aluminum products, see our Products and Metal Finishes page.

Aluminum repair is easy. we are the experts. Our rate is $150 per hour. We have a one hour minimum for all repair work.