Aluminum Welding, Fabrication & Repair

Close-up of TIG welded aluminum louvered panels at Kona Grill Restaurant, Cherry Creek Mall, Denver, Colorado

Close-up of TIG welded aluminum louvered panels at Kona Grill Restaurant, Cherry Creek Mall, Denver, Colorado


At DenverWeld we perform aluminum welding and repair on parts and mechanical contraptions consisting of aluminum extrusions, sheet, plate, pipe, and tube as well as cast aluminum alloys. Our welding experts are familiar with the alloy you are working with. We have a metallurgist on-staff who is familiar with our materials, finishes, processes. We provide the best aluminum welding services in Denver, CO.

Aluminum Fabrication

DenverWeld fabricates aluminum with the same ease as other metals. We use SolidWorks design software CNC cutting and forming, and multiple welding processes to bring you the best quality parts. If you need a bid on custom fabricated aluminum architectural features, such as handrail or other aluminum products, see our Products and Metal Finishes page.

Aluminum Welding & Repair

At DenverWeld, we perform aluminum welding and repair on motorcycle parts, industrial equipment, furniture consisting of aluminum extrusions, sheet, plate, pipe, and tube as well as cast aluminum alloys. If it is aluminum and can be repaired, we can repair it.

We are aluminum welding and repair know-it-alls. We’ve successfully repaired many kinds of aluminum parts. From motorcycle side cases, to aluminum trailer repairs, our fabricators have the expertise to get your part fixed, the right way. Our minimum is one hour at a rate of $150 per hour. Drop off your parts at our Golden, Colorado facility and our experts can give you an Estimate. Please call before stopping by because we may be in the field.

How to Weld Aluminum or Repair Aluminum Parts with TIG Welding

Step 1 – Clean, clean, clean, and then clean.

We repair most aluminum parts. We even repair cast aluminum automotive parts depending on the situation

Aluminum Repair of Intake Manifold

For us to repair or weld aluminum parts in our shop, we need to expose fresh aluminum in more than just the are that will have a weld on it. Whether the part is an oil pan, or a bicycle, or an intake manifold, it should be brought to our shop clean and accessible to welding. Any oil, grease or dirt must be removed with non-residue solvents like acetone. Epoxy, or two-part adhesives won’t typically break down with solvents and have to be removed with a grinding wheel or burrs. sometimes the presence of epoxy precludes welding repair. Expectations are subjective. Give us a call to get an idea of what we are expecting.

Step 2 – Know what you’re working with, or make a good guess.

Aluminum Welding and Repair

Aluminum Welding and Repair

Most aluminum auto parts that we see in the shop for repair are cast and not billet. There are about 1000 aluminum alloys. However there are far less cast alloys. Even less that go into cars. You need to know the alloy so you can use the right filler metal. Our metallurgist can help identify alloys.

Cast alloys have a three number alloy designation that may be followed by a period and two more numbers and maybe a temper designation like T6 (examples: 356 or 357.XX – T6). Wrought or billet material uses a four number system (examples: 6061 and 5052). About 80% of all aluminum welding is done with filler metal alloys 4043 and 5356.

4043 is a good choice for bell housings, intake manifolds, and aluminum engine blocks which are generally the aluminum alloy 356. Using the wrong filler metal can lead to all sorts of problems like increased crack sensitivity, poor wetting, decreased strength or toughness.

Step 3 – Have the right equipment.

Make sure your GTAW (or TIG) welder is AC capable. DC welding is not preferred. Skill is also a plus. Settings vary by machine. A good rule of thumb is one amp per thousandth of an inch so an 1/8″ works out to 125 Amps. Depending on your settings, such as AC balance and pulsing, the amps will change. Foot pedal is recommended over trigger control. A comfortable work area like a metal top table is a big help for consistent results. Lastly, sometimes it is more cost efficient to buy a new part than to repair a broken one. An example could be a bell housing for a common vehicle with more than 6 inches of cracked aluminum.


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