CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC plasma cutting of steel cable railing posts on our rotary axis tube cutting attachment.

CNC plasma cutting of steel cable railing posts on our rotary axis tube cutting attachment.

We specialize in CNC plasma cutting metal sheet, plate, pipe and rectangular shapes.

At Denver Welding and Research, we plasma cut steel, stainless, and aluminum. Our Hypertherm 85A/Dynatorch XLS Plasma Cutting machine is equipped with a rotary axis that allows us to plasma cut pipe. This makes the CNC plasma cutting system extremely versatile. With a little additional programming and tooling, we can CNC plasma cut square and rectangular shapes as big as 14″ in diameter, as long as 12 feet. 

What we Cut

We stock many thicknesses and sizes of Steel, stainless, aluminum, and weathering steel materials. Typical thickness range from 16 Ga. (0.063 in.) to ¾” (0.750 in.) Typical sheet sizes are 4’x8’(4 foot x 8 foot), 4’x10’(4 foot x 10 foot), 4’x12’(4 foot x 12 foot),  and 5’x12’(5 foot x 12 foot). Partial sheets are available for small parts and projects. Our in-house CNC Plasma Cutting system can cut virtually any shape we can draw out of metal.

How it Works

CNC Plasma CuttingComputers are used to arrange part cutting paths on sheets with dxf files. The torch follows the specified path via servo gear racks and linear bearings. We use plasma cutting for its versatility and reliability. In Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC), gas is forced at a high velocity through a nozzle and ionized by an electrode. The resulting arc is used to melt a localized area of the material while the high velocity jet blows the excess molten material away from the cut. Other more complicated systems such as laser or waterjet technologies can not deliver the same value for custom prototypes and one-off projects, though some projects require laser cutting (most stainless steel parts for forming or welding). We can provide laser cutting as part of a project (with additional lead time). We DO NOT do stamping or work with very thin sheet metal like roofing material.


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