Metal Products and Finishes

Blackened Steel Interior by DenverWeld

Blackened Steel Fireplace Surround and Mantle and Handrail. Click here to learn more about Blackened Steel Interiors.

Denver Welding and Research, LLC (DWR) is a custom manufacturer of metal products. We design and deliver high quality, finished metal goods to businesses and individuals who demand the finest metalwork available.


DenverWeld fabricates the highest quality metal products. Our product lines include blackened steel bars and service carts, corten steel (weathering steel) planter boxes, landscape and interior features, wall paneling, counter tops, metal railing systems, metal signs, and more.


Our specialties include Blackened Steel, Weathering Steel (corten), and brushed finishes. Our fabricators can also shop-paint your small project. Any project can be powdercoated (adds additional lead time). Delivery and installation requirements may vary.

Metal Finishes are critical component to most decorative metalwork. Except for brushed stainless steel, metal surfaces will corrode when exposed to the elements. Even indoors, steel will rust with temperature and humidity changes. Shiny metal will develop surface rust where fingerprints and condensation occur. Every detail of the project is planned around the desired look of the installed metal. This is why we usually start the design process by asking how the metal will be finished prior to installation.

Designed for success.


Blackened Steel – Luxurious Interior Surfaces

Blackened Steel Interior Wall Paneling

Blackened Steel Bar for a restaurant in Denver, Colorado

With our in-house Custom manufacturing process we can make your dream a reality.

Blackened steel is a dark & luxurious finish for steel furniture, paneling, & more. Our customers looking sleek & modern with a stylish, old-world look.

DenverWeld designs fabricates and installs blackened steel paneling and architectural features in our 4,000 SF facility in Golden, Colorado. We can assist with or take care of the installation Denver metro area and other Colorado locations.


Corten Steel – Rusty metal Landscape Features (Weathering Steel)

Weathering Steel Landscapes

Weathering Steel Planter Benches, Fire Pit and Accessories with Board Form and Sand Finish Concrete

All of our amazing weathering steel landscape products are made right here in Golden, Colorado, USA.

Many of our customers are looking for rusty metal landscape products such as steel planter boxes, fire pits and barrier surfaces have found weathering steel to be a great option.

In most applications, our 3/16″ (0.180 in.) thick weathering steel planter boxes will far outlast other competitors’ thinner models. DenverWeld custom fabricates landscape accessories such as pergolas, barrier facades, handrail and more. Our designers can walk you through several options.

Brushed Metal – Grained Finish

Brushed stainless steel hexagonal tube components

Brushed stainless steel hexagonal tube components

More in-house capabilities means more of the finishes you want.

Brushed metal finish is when we take raw material and grind the surface to create a linearly grained appearance. Brushing also commonly called graining.

DenverWeld offers in-house brushed metal finish for stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. We can process sheet, plate, bar (square and rectangular), and tube (square and rectangular), as well as many of our CNC plasma cut parts and metal sign products.


Metal Railing Systems – Handrail and Guardrail (Commercial and Residential)

Custom powder coated cable railing system

Custom powder coated cable railing system with unique color scheme installed in Arvada, Colorado.

We can design, build, and install any kind of railing you can imagine.

DenverWeld (DWR) designs, fabricates, and installs custom metal railing systems. We can make handrail from stainless steel, steel, & aluminum materials. Our customers are generally searching for welded metal railing systems.

Take a look at our residential and decorative railing and commercial railing products. Add value and style to your home or business. Our railings are carefully fabricated to fit your space. Every rail is unique. We design railing systems in Solidworks, like everything else we build to make sure everything fits together nicely. Many coating options are also available including Direct To Metal paint, powdercoating, and blackening. Almost any color or type of finish can be included with a DenverWeld Railing System Package.

Custom Metal Signs – CNC Plasma Cut Metal Artwork

Custom Metal Sign

If we can draw it in SolidWorks, We can cut it out of metal. This CNC plasma cut aluminum sign says it all.

Get metal signs made at DenverWeld (DWR).

If you are looking for a custom metal sign, your search is over. We can provide 3D signs, stand-offs, mounting brackets, as well as decorative hardware. Send us your inspiration and a description of the sign you want to our email,, and we will call you to discuss options. Please include your phone number so we can call you back. Many finish options are available.