Brushed Metal Finish for Stainless Steel, Steel, & Aluminum

Custom fabricated brushed metal finish on formed stainless steel hexagonal tube components.

Custom fabricated brushed stainless steel hexagonal tube components.

Brushed metal finish is when we take raw material and grind the surface to create a linearly grained appearance. Brushing is also commonly called graining. This finish is common of stainless steel railing. DenverWeld provides brushed metal architectural features or brush raw material as a value-added service. Brushing gives metal parts a shiny finish with linear texture or grain similar to stainless steel appliances. It brings out the natural luster of the metal. Brushed stainless steel is a popular example of this finish and is an attractive, low maintenance option for decorative railing and other architectural features. See our Products and Services pages for detail about how to incorporate brushed metal finish into your project. 

Brushed finish is applied with our liquid-cooled wide belt sanding machine. Sanding metal is a lot like sanding anything else. We start with coarse grit grinding belts and take multiple passes to remove mill scale and surface scratches leaving an even brushed look. Then, finer-grit grinding belts are used to reduce the size of the sanding marks leaving a raw metal luster that is soft to the touch. Our metal finishing pros can give you information about appearance, grit-size, and more, just give us a call!

What We Brush

DenverWeld offers in-house brushed metal finish for stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. We can process sheet, plate, bar (square and rectangular), and tube (square and rectangular), as well as many of our CNC plasma cut parts and metal sign products. Our machine is capable of applying a smooth brushed finish to parts as thin as 1/16″ (0.063 in.) to as thick as 5-1/2″ (5.5 in.) as wide as 30”. Wide parts must be thicker, more rigid metal because of the tendency of thin, wide parts to flex under the pressure of the sanding roll. This leads to an excessive number of passes.


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