Weathering Steel Landscape Features

Weathering steel clad doors

Weathering steel clad doors in Beaver Creek, Colorado

Many of our customers are looking for rusty metal landscape products such as steel planter boxes, fire pits and barrier surfaces have found weathering steel (corten) to be a great option. Weathering steel is designed to rust slower than steel when exposed to the environment without the need for paint or other coatings.

Weathering Steel is a category of steel alloys that includes brands and grades such as Cor-Ten and A588. This seems confusing, but it is simple. Talking about corten is a lot like talking about saran wrap or kleenex, where weathering steels would be ‘cling wrap’ or ’tissue’ in these analogies.

Over time, weathering steels will develop a reddish- to purple-tinted, rusty patina that protects the steel from further rusting. The exposed steel surface must be allowed to get wet and dry off alternately. For this reason, steel planter boxes may or may not need a liner. In most applications, our 3/16″ (0.180 in.) thick weathering steel planter boxes will far outlast other competitors’ thinner models, with or without a liner. We see other steel planters made from 1/16″ or 1/8″ metal, which show some signs of degradation after a few years. DenverWeld steel planter boxes and landscape features are built to last, just like all of our wonderful metal products and finishes.

Built to last.


Corten Steel Planter Boxes (Click here for more info)

Riveted Corten Steel Planter Beds around a Tree

Corten Steel Planter Beds for Trees and Flowers

Steel planters are a popular, low maintenance, natural looking way to add style to your property, whether your project is a back yard, a green roof, or a streetscape. Made out of thick gauge weathering steel (corten), our planter boxes are designed to last. We design our steel planter boxes and planter box packages in SolidWorks 3D Modeling software and use CNC fabrication processes to produce highly accurate, beautiful, rigid planter boxes that are custom designed to fit your space.

Visit the DenverWeld Steel Planter Boxes page for more information.

Corten Steel Fire Pits

Corten steel fire pit with welded and sanded corners (monolithic construction)

Corten steel fire pit with welded and sanded corners (monolithic construction)

DWR Steel Fire pits are custom made in our Golden, Colorado facility with the same care and precision as our other beautiful landscape accessories. The 3/16″ thick steel is rigid and not flimsy.

Corten steel makes an excellent veneer for fire pits and other outdoor fire features. Steel fire pits are generally made from CNC cut plate welded together, we can make steel fire pits about any way we can draw them. They can be square or rectangular, straight or tapered, or something more unique. We make weathering steel fire pits the same way we make all of our heirloom quality metalwork. We start with design and plan every step. Send us your sketch or drawing to get started.

Weathering Steel Signs (Click here for more info)

CNC plasma cutting of 0.180 inch thick weathering steel (corten) lettering for signage

DenverWeld CNC Plasma Cut Sign Fabrication in process

Rusty metal outdoor signs are a natural-looking and low-maintenance way to attract compliments and business to your property. Authentic weathering steel signs and artwork will develop an even reddish brown patina that forms in months to about a year of exposure. After that, the rusting will slow down and staining on concrete will be minimized. DenverWeld has in-house design and CNC cutting capabilities as well as weathering steel material in-stock.

We can cut custom signs other shops can not. Our in-house computer design process gives us superior design flexibility and the confidence that what we draw is what our customers receive. Email us plans or a sketch of the proposed sign and we will prepare your quote.

Weathering Steel Landscape Accessories

Corten steel water feature

Corten steel water feature

DenverWeld custom fabricates landscape accessories such as pergolas, barrier facades, handrail and more from real weathering steel the same way we fabricate every other material. We plan every step.

Our designers can walk you through several options for your weathering steel landscape project with several features. Weathering steels come in many grades. Most sheet, plate, bar, angle, and I-beams we work with are grade A588. Pipe and tube are generally grade A847. This has to do with the specifications for how the different products or “shapes” are used in building codes more than it has to do with the chemical compositions of the steels. This is true for weathering steels like corten just as it is for plain carbon structural steels like A36, which is essentially the same as grade 500B pipe and tube. The biggest difference between plain carbon steels and low-alloy weathering steels is the addition of about 0.5% by weight copper to the alloy composition. Let us know if you have any questions about the material.