Custom Fabricated Metal Railing Systems

Custom metal railing component - blackened steel wall-mount grab rail.

Custom Blackened Steel Wall-Mount Grab Rail. DenverWeld custom fabricates welded metal railing systems.

DenverWeld (DWR) designs, fabricates, and installs custom metal railing systems. We are familiar with local building codes that apply to handrail and guardrail components and system’s. Handrail can be made from stainless steel, steel, & aluminum materials.


At DWR, we are able to fabricate several styles of railing for interior and exterior applications (see descriptions below). Our team can design and fabricate your railing whether the design has round or square top caps, horizontal or vertical pickets, or whether your railing bolts down or is grouted in core holes. Other railing in-fill for guardrail we can provide or design are glass, plasma cut metal screens, and aircraft cable.

In-house finishes

DenverWeld provides the best value when we fabricate high-quality, decorative, metal railing and include one of our in-house finish options which include, blackened steel, brushed stainless, and corten steel. We can also shop-paint your small project with a fast turnaround. All the steps of your project are planned and our team will figure out the details to create a package that suits your style. DWR can install railing in Denver, along the I-70 corridor from Aurora to Aspen as well as everywhere in between.

With you every step of the way.


Current Popular Styles of Handrail and Guardrail Systems

Railing is composed of a few major parts. The style is determined by how these parts are put together. The main parts of a rail are the top cap or grab rail, posts (intermediate posts), newel posts (end posts and main posts), mid and/or bottom bars, and ballusters or pickets or other infill such as cables.

Cable Railing

DenverWeld galvanized steel cable railing

DenverWeld galvanized steel cable railing is a good choice for long, uninterrupted runs of cable railing for exterior applications. Galvanized railing can also be painted

Cable railing is a trending style of railing ideal for long, straight runs. The newel posts are made to be very strong and aircraft grade stainless steel or galvanized cables are tightened between the end posts using a variety of swaged and swageless stainless steel hardware for various applications. Most cable railing uses 3/16″ (0.188 in.) diameter cable but DenverWeld can also help you with other cable sizes, such as 1/4″ or 1/8″ for special applications.

DenverWeld steel cable railing is custom fabricated to your specifications and can be designed for almost any application. There are many finishes to choose from.

Mesh Panel Railing

Galvanized Steel Mesh Panel Railing

Galvanized Steel Mesh Panel Patio Guardrail in Aurora, Colorado

Mesh panel railing is an economical choice to meet safety standards for commercial properties and is ideal for flat sections of railing and stair railing where the mesh pattern follows the pitch of the stairs. The infill panels are typically 1/4″ welded or woven wires spaced at 4″ on center. Other mesh is available. Galvanizing is a good option for long runs of exterior railing where maintenance costs need to be predictably low.

DenverWeld Mesh panel railing is designed and fabricated to precisely fit your site or application. We provide shop drawings and all deseign work is done in-house.


Patio Railing

Bolt-down aluminum patio railing

Bolt-down aluminum patio railing with simple gates installed at Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, Colorado.

A patio railing may be part of your design aesthetic. Simple, yet effective, DenverWeld fabricates patio railing whether it is made out of aluminum, stainless steel, or steel. We can shop paint small railing projects if necessary. Even though patio railing is not always required, DenverWeld is familiar with the building codes and when they apply.

Railing may be fabricated with mechanical connections or field welded connections whether we are installing or the railing will be picked up from our shop and installed by someone else.

ADA Railing

Brushed Stainless Steel ADA Railing

DenverWeld manufactures and installs ADA railing to precisely fit field conditions.

If you are shopping for custom fabricated ADA handrail, guardrail, or other metal railing systems, required by local building codes, look no further. DenverWeld (DWR) manufactures metal railing systems and components to meet all applicable codes and requirements.

DenverWeld has the special skills and tools to make sure the the job is finished properly. Send us architectural drawings or engineered drawings or a sketch and a few pictures and give us a call about your project to get started. DenverWeld ADA handrail adds beauty and access to your property.

Railing with Horizontal Pickets

Modern steel interior railing with horizontal pickets

Modern steel interior railing, powder coated black, with horizontal pickets installed in Arvada, Colorado.

Horizontal lines are tasteful way to modernize a railing design. Our metal handrail systems are custom designed and fabricated to suit your style. There are endless ways to make handrail beautiful and unique. Metal railing systems are designed to precisely fit your space and meet all code requirements. We make sure railing components are designed and fabricated to be installed efficiently, looking great.

If you do not see the railing style you are looking for, call us. We love to help.

We are excited to offer a wide range of metalworking services. Go to Our Process or click on any of the links below to learn about services, products, and finishes.

We can help make your project better than ever.

DenverWeld can install your project in the Denver Metro area as well as other locations in Colorado such as Evergreen, Beaver Creek, Aspen. We ship our beautiful products world wide. Email us your plans or designs. Call us to schedule an in-shop consultation. 720.583.1612.