Corten Steel Planter Boxes, Planter Beds, and Troughs

Denver Welding & Research, LLC, (DenverWeld) is the premier manufacturer of custom steel planter boxes. We know you are looking for the right planters or other landscape features for your home or business. That’s why we design and fabricate beautiful custom planters and landscape features in our Colorado facility with American material.

DenverWeld designs and manufactures steel planters and planter packages for green roofs and outdoor living area, rooftop planting areas, gardens and patios. We fabricate custom one-off decorative metal planter boxes, planter beds and irregular shaped planter troughs for individuals, businesses and contractors in many styles. We can handle your large landscaping projects for custom homes consisting of several planters, fire pits, water features, or other outdoor garden accessories. There are many ways to use a raised planting area.

Streetscape in Denver, Colorado with riveted steel planter box terraces

Streetscape in Denver, Colorado with riveted steel planter box terraces

We like to use 3/16″ (0.180 in.) thick A588 steel for our planters for rigidity and durability over thinner metal. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality steel planter boxes on the market.

DenverWeld corten steel planters can be made from other thicknesses ranging from 1/8″ (0.120 in.) to 3/4″ (0.750 in.). Planter boxes can also be made from other metals like regular steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, though there are many reasons corten is so popular. One of those reasons is ease of maintenance – the thick weathering steel patina is colorful, natural, and organic looking, and it does away with the need for coatings and associated coatings maintenance. Corten and steel in general is highly recyclable and contains recycled material.

Popular Styles of Steel Planters

Three of our favorite corten steel planter styles are welded (monolithic), hot-riveted, and bolt-together. DenverWeld steel planter boxes exude attention to detail, and stand above our competitors thin alternatives. We can give you quote on high-quality custom steel planter boxes made to your specifications, whether your raised planting beds are on the ground or on a rooftop.

Welded Steel Planter Boxes

Custom steel planter box with integrated benches and a matching fire pit

Monolithic corten steel planter boxes are welded and sanded smooth for a clean, modern look and feel.

Welded steel planter boxes have a clean, trendy look. We call this one-piece, solid construction style monolithic. Monolithic raised planting beds have a massive look and feel and they are smooth to the touch. The picture to the left shows an L-shaped planter with integrated bench seating (10° slanted seat back). The welded planters are a great choice for residential packages because residences usually have many one-off parts and easy ground-level access. Commercial projects such as rooftop patio remodels and larger projects are designed differently and usually have many repeating parts that bolt together to minimize field welding.

We also custom make corten steel fire pits, water features, and other accessories to complete your landscape package. DenverWeld weathering steel landscape features are heavy duty and well suited for commercial applications as well as residential projects. We provide accurate, reliable shop drawings to our customers, showing critical measurements and features of the project. Once the design is approved by the customer, we fabricate the components in our shop and they fit just right, every time because we utilize the latest in 3D CAD, CNC Cutting, and CNC Forming technology.

Pricing is based on our shop rate of $150 per hour plus materials for design and fabrication. Yes, mass produced steel flower pots are cheaper than our custom, American made, 3/16″ thick corten steel planter boxes. Email your unique ideas or plans to Call us at 720.583.1612 if you have any questions. We’re happy to help.

 Hot-Riveted Corten Steel Planters

Flowers in Corten Steel Planter Box Terraces with Rivet Detail

Flowers in Corten Steel Planter Box Terraces with Rivet Detail

One of our specialties is riveting. We use solid rivets, heated glowing red, that permanently join the metal parts. Hot-riveting gives decorative steel features, like planter boxes, an authentic and classic look and feel. The boxes are made from rigid steel and are as solid and durable as they look.

The pictured set of riveted planters was installed in Denver, Colorado near Cheesman Park by the DenverWeld crew. Some of the planters needed to be placed around trees. We were able to hot-rivet these boxes in the field, which was a lot of fun. The process is loud, mostly because we use an air hammer to form the rivets. Even when the rivets are red hot and soft, it still takes considerable strength to form them over. The other side of the rivet is held in place by hand with a tool called a bucking bar. The bucking bar has a die on the end that keeps the rivet from flying out of the hole when the air hammer strikes and keeps the domed head from deforming.


Bolt-together Steel Planters

Custom 105 degree L-shaped corten steel planter box.

Custom Bolt-together 105° L-shaped Corten Steel Planter Box. DenverWeld’s bolt-together design allows convenient transportation or shipping to the job site and assembly in the field.

Several styles of bolt together planters are possible. Our in-house designers do a great job to make sure your project looks it’s best, with clean edges, straight lines, and tight connections. If you are looking for quality and value, ask us about our in-house designs for bolt together planter boxes.  For planter packages and large projects, we recommend scheduling an in-shop consultation. Contact us here.

DenverWeld’s Bolt-together weathering steel planter boxes allow convenient transportation to the job site. Bolt-together steel planter boxes let contractors and individuals assemble large planter boxes on-site with out the need for machinery. Our design team can help. All of our beautiful steel planter boxes can be shipped worldwide.

Take a look at our portfolio to see more of what DenverWeld can do for you. Our in-house capabilities let us turn projects around quickly. Lead times vary.

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