The DenverWeld Process

Blackened Steel Hot-Riveted Portable Bar or Service Cart

Blackened Steel Portable Bar or Service Cart

We’ve designed our process to help customers get the best value.

At DWR we start with your concept, then plan every step including design, fabrication, coatings, and installation. From concept sketches we produce accurate shop drawings and CNC programs that drive the fabrication of your project. All projects are designed around our in-house cutting, bending, and welding processes.

Most projects include CNC plasma cutting as well as a few manual cutting methods. Cut parts are deburred by hand and are now ready for welding or forming (bending). Once plasma cut parts are formed into shape, we can begin welding, assembly, and prep for finishing. Our in-house or send-away finish options complete the package, ready for you to pick up or us to install.

Phase One – Design

Screen shot of cable railing in SolidWorks

Screen shot of cable railing in SolidWorks 3D Design Software. SolidWorks keeps track of all the details.

All projects at DenverWeld start with your concept or idea.

Bring us your idea, sketch or engineered drawing and we make the concept come to life. Solidworks CAD software is the latest in design technology. You will get to see a 3D computer model of your creation, right down to the most critical details before fabrication. The 3D Modeling process allows our fabricators to see how parts will fit together and to simulate field conditions for a precise fit, no matter what the application or who performs the install, 3D modeling takes the guess work out of complex fabrication.

Phase Two – Fabrication

three custom fabricated blackened steel wheel door pulls on a pallet, ready for customer pick-up.

Blackened Steel Wheel Door Pulls on a pallet, ready for customer pick-up.

Hand made beauty meets machine accuracy and efficiency in our fabrication.

Our skilled fabricators at DWR make parts and assemblies according to our shop drawings using the latest CNC cutting and forming technology for the most critical tasks. Our CNC Plasma cutter handles most of our cutting needs whether the parts are large or small, aluminum or stainless steel.

We take pride in what we build which is why we take the time to do it right. Clean welding and precise fit up are essential elements of excellent fabrication. We have the knowledge and experience to make complex challenges simple.

Phase Three – Coatings and Installation

Custom powder coated cable railing system

Custom powder coated steel cable railing system

In-house and send-away finish options help your project stand out.

Metal Finishes are critical component to most decorative metalwork. Our specialties include Blackened Steel, Weathering Steel (corten), and brushed finishes.

Any project can be powder coated (adds additional lead time). Delivery and installation requirements may vary.

Designed for success.


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